Waiting the two weeks until you can take a pregnancy test can feel like torture especially if you’ve been disappointed before. When you’re trying to conceive, those last two weeks of your cycle when you may be pregnant can bring a sense of hope and excitement of what is to come. But at the same time, it can be an intense, all-consuming, emotional roller coaster that can quickly spiral into sadness and disappointment if your period arrives or you have a negative pregnancy test.

If you are going through the two-week wait, here are 8 ways to make the most of your time without worrying.


1. Make plans with friends: Go for lunch or get your companions together for a motion picture night, retro recreations night or book club—whatever will put a grin all over and take your brain off things.


2. Pamper yourself: Go for a back rub or facial, have an unwinding shower or go to a yoga class—whatever will enable you to loosen up, do it. You are expecting a great deal from your body at the present time, so demonstrate to it some adoration and generosity.


3. Express yourself: Get your emotions out of your head. Write in a diary, trust in a dear companion or converse with an advisor. It can be candidly depleting to disguise the greater part of your desires, expectations and stresses amid this time, so get it out.


4. Find a productive distraction: Tackle something you’ve been putting off for ages. They aren’t necessarily fun, but you’ll feel great tackling something you’ve been avoiding.


5. Throw yourself into work: When you haven’t had the outcomes you’ve been seeking after specifically, handling an energy venture at work where you can see positive outcomes might be precisely what you require at the present time.


6. Help someone: Take your mind off yourself by doing something kind for someone else. Go on an end of the week escape with your accomplice or a companion. A change of scenery can help with a change of perspective.


7. Get outside : Go for a long walk in your local park to see the cherry blossoms, plant an herb garden, go for a bike ride or just sit back and enjoy a sunset in your backyard.


8. Get lots of rest: Things always seem worse and more overwhelming when you’re exhausted. Embrace naps and early bedtimes and sleep in if you can. Sweet dreams!


Ways to distract yourselves from getting hurt while you are pregnant and nearly to give birth is very useful because it cans help you to avoid from many dangers like uncompleted childbirth and any other dangers that you are unexpected. This is the best time of pregnant to be careful.


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