What MSG is affect to health?

Some people claim that MSG leads to excessive glutamate in the brain and excessive stimulation of nerve cells.MSG has problems for health, such as headaches and allergic reactions. It’s even been considered a factor in infantile obesity. What is MSG? Is it bad for you? Monosodium [...]

Khmer Ginseng

Khmer GinsengKhmer also has Ginseng, Ginseng Khmer is available in many places such as Animal forest Srei Pok at Modolkiri, Rattanakiri, and other areas. Ginseng is tonic medicine, to help kidney and hormonal support that helps to keep your blood in good stead, good [...]

Injury Treatment

Kids and Children like to play as running or jumping. Playing is good for kids but sometimes they can get an injury when they run and stumble so they have injured on a body. It has a little injury and heavy injury or broken [...]

Food in Summer

Hot or cold weather has really influenced our lives. To maintain good health, we need to choose the right food for the weather. We will show you some good food when the hot weather is presented to you.Tomato SandwichA sandwich that does not use [...]

Treatment of Myopia

The beautiful view of the world comes into people’s minds through on eyes. Fresh eyes are very valuable and important in every person’s life. Nowadays is Modern technology, some of the technology become a problem, making the eyes of children and people under the [...]

Development for Children from 0 to 6 Months

Developmental milestones at 1 month The first days with your 1-month-old can be a blur of feeding, changing diapers, but, within a few weeks, then work better for children. And your baby begins to notice your voice, face, and touch. Your baby can not concentrate more [...]

Small Business for Kids

Children are really excited when they are able to do something like drawing, singing, bending, making cakes or doing something they like. Creating creativity is really good for developing a child’s intelligence.Inventor   Kids can also use creativity to come up with ideas for whole new [...]

PTSD Psychological Problems and Treatments

In addition to trauma, refugees suffered multiple lossesLoss of family members Loss of social network Loss of role within a culture Loss of country Loss of vocation and income Loss of respectAnxiety or anxiety caused by one or both of these problems can lead to people with the first [...]

How to Make Jam for a Baby

Apple JamNutrition is for children up to 6 months old. Besides porridge, a mother can be a delicious jam and have a lot of vitamins food for your lovely baby. It is not difficult to apply the apple or banana, just mill apply with [...]

Treatment of Stomachache

Symptoms of Stomachache such as:heartburn, or acid reflux nausea bloating gas belching, sometimes bringing up bitter or foul-tasting fluid or food farting bad-smelling or sour breath hiccupping or coughingHave some remedies and indigestion for Stomachache: 1. Proper dietary therapy Eating a regular meal and healthy, non-healthy food. After eating, do not rush to sleep, [...]