How to Make Jam for a Baby

Apple JamNutrition is for children up to 6 months old. Besides porridge, a mother can be a delicious jam and have a lot of vitamins food for your lovely baby. It is not difficult to apply the apple or banana, just mill apply with [...]

How Much Should Your 6 Months Old Sleep?

How much sleep hours your 6 months-old babies should get?   1. Sleep Hours: Babies should be on the way toward an established sleep pattern. During this time, babies need an average of 14 hours of sleep per day: At 4 months, a baby can go eight [...]

Ways to Help Baby Learn to Walk

Walking Basics: From 6-12 months your baby goes from learning how to sit up to walking around the house on their own. During this exciting times you can help Baby gain their confidence to take those first steps through simple games and words of praise.Stage [...]