Girl colors, boy colors and lovable prints might be what attracts you to a rack of infant garments. To make your last determination, however, you have to think about security, solace, and common sense.


Safety first : Avoid garments with little catches, improving rhinestones or bows, since they can be stifling dangers.


Pick fire-safe sleepwear: Names on your child’s sleepwear will show whether it should be worn cozily to be fire-retardant or if the texture itself is fire resistant.


Shop by your baby’s weight, not age: Age doesn’t mean much when it comes to baby clothes; different brands size clothing differently. Weight is a better measure and it is listed along with age on many baby clothes.


Between feeding, changing, burping, and soothing, the last thing you want to worry about is baby clothes that take too much effort, rub your baby the wrong way, or are otherwise not worth their space in the nursery. But once you know a few simple rules for shopping, even the most harried diaper change will go more smoothly and your little one will enjoy their new world in comfort and style.


Source: webmd


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