Perhaps you think lack of sleep won’t be an issue until after your infant is conceived. Hah! Contingent upon how pregnant you are, everything from “morning” ailment to startling dreams to eager leg can incur significant injury on your daily close eye. Our trimester-by-trimester guide will enable you to rest better amid pregnancy and even in the “fourth trimester,” when you’ll confront a fresh out of the plastic new rest challenge: your child!


Sleep Tips for Pregnant Women

1. In the third trimester, think about your left side to take into consideration the best blood stream to the embryo and to your uterus and kidneys. Abstain from lying level on your back for a significant lot of time.


2. Drink bunches of liquids amid the day, yet chop down before sleep time.


3. To prevent heartburn, do​ not eat a lot of hot, acidic, (for example, tomato items), or broiled food. If heartburn is a problem, sleep with your head elevated on pillows.


4. Exercise routinely to enable you to remain solid, enhance your flow, and decrease leg issues.


5. Attempt visit tasteless tidbits (like saltines) for the duration of the day. This maintains a strategic distance from sickness by keeping your stomach full.


6. Special “pregnancy” pillows and mattresses may help you sleep better. Or use regular pillows to support your body.

Once her baby is born, a mother’s sleep is frequently interrupted, particularly if she is nursing. Mothers who nurse and those with babies that wake frequently during the night should try to nap when their babies do. Sharing baby care to the extent possible, especially during the night, is important for the mother’s health, safety, performance and vitality.


Source: sleepfoundation


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