It’s time to change your wardrobe. When you are pregnant, the one obvious effect it has is on your clothes. You need to buy bigger sizes to keep yourself comfortable, and this holds good for both outer and inner wear.


Do You Need a New Bra During Pregnancy?
During pregnancy, your breasts become bigger and sensitive, which is why you need a comfortable maternity bra.


When Is the Right Time to Buy a New Bra?
It is an ideal opportunity to purchase another bra when:

  • You feel the bra is tight-fitting
  • You begin feeling awkward with your typical underwire bras


What Is the Difference Between Regular, Maternity and Nursing Bras?
A regular bra comes in various colors, styles and comfort levels.
A maternity bra is an enhanced version of a regular bra specially designed to offer support to the growing breasts.
A nursing bra has an extra feature – panels or clasps which can be opened to expose the nipples for breastfeeding.


How to Measure Your Size for Maternity and Nursing Bras?
Measuring bra size involves two components – band size (for instance 34, 36, 38).
Measure the band size: Wear a comfortable regular bra and stand in front of a mirror.
Measure the bust size: Wrap the tape loosely around your breast, at the tips. Hold the tape around the body fairly loose. Round up to the nearest number.


How Are Sleep Bra Helpful During Pregnancy?
Sleeping during pregnancy can be problematic when your tender breasts press against the bed. A good maternity sleep bra will provide gentle support when you sleep, almost making you feel like you’re not wearing one.

Trying to find the right bra while you’re pregnant may seem impossible. Not only are your breasts changing size and shape regularly, but at times they can be sore—making you feel like wearing no bra at all.


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