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Chicco Maternity Girdle 3 01155000300(1)


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This maternity girdle has lace inserts and ensures protection for the back, extra comfort and excellent wearability. Ideal for particularly large abdomens or during the final months of pregnancy

  • Available in size (US/GB/P): 36, 38, 40
  • Fabric: 42% Polyamide, 38% Cotton, 20% Elastan.
  • Adjustable stretch belt to support the hips.
  • Soft padded ribs ensure correct back support.
  • Shaped leg openings to improve circulation.
  • The upper section covers the belly and is made from high-expanding jersey cotton.
  • the lower section is made from shaping fabric.
  • The crotch is lined in 100% jersey cotton.

To ensure maximum comfort during pregnancy:

Soft, stretchy cotton fabric
Helps properly support the abdominal and lumbar region
Relieves any discomfort caused by bladder pressure, and is comfortable even underneath clothing
Adjustable velcro strap
Anatomical design of the legs, which guarantees maximum freedom of movement
Accompanies the growth of the abdomen without compressing

Size 3= 36 UK


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