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Imperial Kid XO Vanilla 400g(12)


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Breast milk is the best food for the health and comprehensive development of children

Imperial kid XO GT  is a special product for children aged 2 to 15 years old to replace snacks for children or to supplement nutrition in children with diets lacking micronutrients. In particular, the product is suitable for anorexia, poor digestion. Products to help children anorexia catch up and maintain good growth momentum. Imperial kid XO GT has vanillin flavor, no sugar, no preservatives.

Delicious taste of whole milk powder (GOOD TASTE)

Imperial Kid XO GT  uses whole milk powder made from fresh milk source on the farm, without going through storage, using packaging with nitrogen to keep the rich nutrition and maintain the flavor. Freshness of the product.

Exclusive components

KI-180 (Plus Kid Calcium) is an exclusive invention of Namyang and Korea Food Research Institute that is related to promoting growth, especially promoting bone growth to help support height development effectively. KI-180 includes the main components such as seaweed calcium, seaweed extract, colostrum powder, vegetable oil extract, barley extract … to help stimulate cartilage cell formation, effective bone development. help children taller but absolutely safe. (Exclusive certificate no.: 10-0715653 / 10-0673266)

The product has a lot of rigorous testing steps, with 45 nutrients ingredients that help:

+ Helps enhance brain development

+ Helps enhance digestion and absorption

+ Helps boost the immune system

+ Help promote growth

+ Helping to develop safely


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