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inMilk Nutrition Stage 1 900g(12)


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inMilk milk formula provides the child a healthy balance of ingredients and energy to support overall growth and development. It contains the essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients that babies and toddlers need from birth through different stages of development.


inMilk infant formula is carefully formulated with essential ingredients like


DHA & ARA are critical for the development of baby’s brain and eyes


Omega 3 &Omega 6 are foundations of DHA and AA


Taurine helps support overall mental and physical development


Choline aids in the structure of cell membranes and supports brain development


inMilk infant formula is available for

STAGE 1 Infant Formula for babies aged 0-6 months

STAGE 2 Follow Up Formula for babies aged 6 -12 months

STAGE 3 Growing Up Formula for toddlers aged from 1 year


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