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As your baby learns to crawl, they get more active day by day. With NB size pants, diaper changing can be so easy that you don’t have to interrupt their playtime! With the new Speed Wave sheets, that instantly absorbs urine, your baby can now enjoy Extra Dry comfort for Extra Long hours even when they are actively moving.

Features & Benefits


NEW! With a combination of “Organic Cotton

Soft to touch and comfortable to wear with less worry on irritation to newborn baby’s skin.

Speed Air Wave for Your Newborn Dry Comfort

Speed Air Wave for Your Newborn Dry Comfort

Provides fast urine absorbency and good ventilation to reduce stuffiness. Baby’s bottom is comfortably dry with less worry on diaper rash. Newborn baby has healthy skin all day long.

Wetness Sign

Wetness Sign

Helps remind mums to change diaper by changing to blue color
Color of indicator may change if product is stored in place with high humidity
Change of indicator’s color before use will not affect other qualities of product
Keeping product under direct sunlight or in hot place is prohibited since indicator may not activate

Superior Absorbency

Superior Absorbency

Made with superior absorbent materials that is able to absorb urine up to 12 hours.

All-Round Air Flow

All-Round Air Flow

Helps reduce worries on rash and always gentle to baby’s skin.

Contoured Comfort Waistline

Contoured Comfort Waistline

Protects newborn baby’s unhealed navel.

Comes with cute Disney designs!

Comes with cute Disney designs!

Lovely Winnie the Pooh characters to attract your baby’s attention.
Look out for various designs inside the pack!

Soft leg gathers

Soft leg gathers

The gathers fit closely to baby’s leg to prevent leakage no matter how your baby moves.

How to use

Step 1


The back of the diaper has the reattachable tapes on it. Open up the diaper flat and pull the side gathers upright.

Step 2


Do not fold the leakage guards outwards.

Step 3


Place one hand on the diaper on top of your baby’s stomach to ensure that the diaper stays flat. Using the other hand, pull up the reattachable tape and fasten it to the front of the diaper. Repeat on the other side. Make sure the tape does not touch your baby’s skin.








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