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Diaper pants that keeps the skin dry and comfortable with the innovation from Japan, the “Soft Air Net” waistband with perforations. Help ventilate moisture 360 ​​degrees along with the “Speed ​​Air Wave” absorbent lines quickly absorb urine. So your baby’s skin is dry and comfortable.

Features & Benefits

Soft Air Net

Japanese innovation, waistband “Soft Air Net” (Soft Air Net)

Perforated waistband Helps to drain moisture from the inside out for 360 degrees. Baby skin is dry and comfortable. Relieve worry about the stuffiness The main cause of the rash

Speed ​​Air Wave

The absorbent line “Speed ​​Air Wave” (Speed ​​Air Wave)

Helps absorb urine quickly and for a long time. Along with helping to drain the dampness as well So the diaper surface is dry. Reduce the dampness Your baby’s bottom is dry and comfortable.

Excellent absorbency Waterproofing

Excellent absorbency Waterproofing

Absorb up to 6 glasses or up to 12 hours *
* Period of absorption It depends on the amount of urine of each baby.

Double lock leg edge

Double lock leg edge

The elastic, double-layer leg edge prevents leakage from the side. Tighten every movement

Soft touch Reduce irritation

Soft touch Reduce irritation

Comfortable to wear, does not hurt the skin, made from materials that are soft like natural cotton wool * baby has healthy skin. Good mood all day long

Bright cute patterns

Bright cute patterns

Add a lovely and bright to the baby. With a Poko-chan pattern on the diaper We divide patterns for boys and girls.

How to use

Step One

Step 1

After checking which part of the diaper is the front or back already Wear a panty diaper to your baby as normal as you would with panties. Hold your baby firmly, stretch the pants to have enough slots to fit both legs at once.

Step Two

Step 2

Pull the panty diaper up to the navel area of ​​your baby and make sure there are no gaps in the upper leg edge.

Step Three

Step 3

Make sure the diaper’s waistband and leg edge do not fold in.







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