Merries Premium Tape M76 (2)


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Premium Diaper made with the finest cotton. Unlike other brands, it has a wavy surface which improves breathability, absorbency & softness. Manufactured with 3 layered Technology which expels the moisture out and keep the diaper dry for a longer period.

A baby’s skin is only half the thickness of an adult’s skin so thin and delicate. A newly wet diaper might seem to have absorbed the pee immediately, but it’s surprisingly still moist in there. Remember that babies sweat twice as much as adults, thus the pee and poo can irritate the baby’s moist and sweaty skin, causing diaper rash.

Features & Benefits

Exceptional Breathability

Exceptional Breathability

The skin-friendly wavy top sheet does not stick to your baby’s skin. It allows air to flow freely between the diaper and skin, so your baby stays dry and comfortable!

Superb Absorbency

Superb Absorbency

Merries’ unique dual channel absorbent core instantly draw in and locks away pee, leaving the diaper surface drier for longer usage!

Soft Poo Absorbing Sheet Prevents dispersion of soft poo

Soft Poo Absorbing Sheet Prevents dispersion of soft poo

The recessed areas of the soft sheet effectively trap the poo. At the same time, the soft poo-absorbing sheet prevents its dispersion by continually drawing moisture away. This reduces the skin contact with the soft poo, thus protecting your baby’s delicate skin from harmful irritants.


Flexi-Fit “W” Shape

Merries is so soft, it transforms into a flexible “W” shape at the crotch area to accomodate your baby’s limb movements. It provides gently comfort, even your baby becomes more active.

How to use

How to Wear

How to Wear

Put them on just like pants with the Easy Disposal Tape at the back. Make sure the legs and waist areas are fitted and not folded to prevent leakage.

How to Remove

How to Remove

Removal is easy even when soiled. Just tear seams on both sides and remove them.

How to Dispose

How to Dispose

Cleanly wraps in pee and poo when disposing-Less mess, less smell!







6 – 11kg

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