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Milna Baby Cereal 6+ Brown Rice & Banna(1)


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Brown Rice & Banana

Baby cereal as complementary feeding for ages 6 months and above with complete nutrition from natural ingredients (pure chicken protein/ soya protein) and free from Casein (milk protein) & Gluten (wheat protein) to prevent allergic risks (because children aged below 1 year have an imperfect immune and digestive system) for a more optimal development.


  1. Baby Cereal
  2. Flavor: Brown Rice & Banana
  3. Weight: 120gr
  4. Aged 6 months and above


  1. Free of Casein (milk protein) & Gluten (wheat protein)
  2. Protein from pure chicken meat / soya protein and easy to digest
  3. 12 vitamins and 8 minerals

Notable information:

Portion Dad Mom Sibling Allergy risks in child
No symptoms of allergy X X X 5-15%
One has an allergy V X X 20-40%
One family member has an allergy X X V 25-35%
Parents have an allergy V V X 40-60%
Parents have the same allergy V V X 50-80%


  1. To prevent allergic symptoms in the baby
  2. For an optimal growth and development
  3. To help brain development
  4. To take care of the baby’s digestive system
  5. To support the baby’s healthy growth


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