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NutriGold SmartGro (4) 800g(12) (UC)


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Premium Growing-Up Formula 800g for children age from 3 – 9 years

NutriGold IV with DHA & AA

NutriGold is premium infant formula with 100% original product of The Netherlands.
NutriGold is under Hyproca Lypack Company which is more than 100 year experiences in production of milk formula.
As children grow, they require different level of nutrients, that’s why NutriGold 4 is formulated with additional amount of nutrients to help children reach their optimal growth and development, including brain and eye development, and immune system. key additional nutrients include:

For children from 3-9 years

Preparation of NutriGold 4

Each can of NutriGold 4 contains one scoop for preparation. Please use the scoop enclosed, improperly prepare formula could cause illness.

One scoop of NutriGold 4 dilutes with 60ml (2oz) of water. The following chard can be used as a guideline.


Packaged in a protective atmosphere. To maintain freshness close lid tightly after use. Store in a cool dry place (but not in a refrigerator).  Use within 4 weeks of opening. Manufacturing date, best before date (dd/mm/yyyy) and production code are shown on the bottom of the can.


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