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Even greater evolution in one year from a large improvement in the 10 years of 2015! Double smooth the implementation in the new technology, “West than fluffy revolution” with its own seat! Freely is expansion and contraction S curve is in accordance with the movement of the play Full Bloom. It owns one more free-flowing pee in sheet Mouret does not repellent to skin. The skin of the baby missed the stuffiness in the cotton sheet is always comfortable. Leakage prevention even in absorbency and leakage prevention gather of up to 12 hours Pampers, will of course prevent leakage.

Features & Benefits

Pampers technology

New Pampers technology allows up to 2x absorbance speed while keeping your skin smooth

Pampers’ unique magic 3 channel absorbers helps to absorb pee evenly, keeping the moisture away form skin for up to 12 hours.


Thin and comfortable

Approximately 10% thinner as compared to old product. Now your child can sleep soundly all night without feeling wet and bulky.

12 hours

Up to 12 hours of leakage protection!

Prevents leakage with its side gathers and superior absorbant powers.

12 hours

Perfect breathability

Soft cotton sheet baby’s skin comfortable without leakage.

How to use

How to Wear

How to Wear

Put them on just like pants with the Easy Disposal Tape at the back. Make sure the legs and waist areas are fitted and not folded to prevent leakage.

How to Remove

How to Remove

Removal is easy even when soiled. Just tear seams on both sides and remove them.

How to Dispose

How to Dispose

Cleanly wraps in pee and poo when disposing-Less mess, less smell!








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