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Promina Baby Cereal Milky Brown Rice 6month x12g (24)(24)


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As an initial step complementary foods have a smooth texture for the introduction of solid foods. Variations in taste are mild and varied to stimulate infants in organoleptic / sensory recognition. Made from raw materials that are safe for babies where without the addition of MSG, artificial sweeteners & dyes and preservatives

SIZE OF PACKAGING & VARIAN TASTE BOX 120gr:Milky Red Rice, Smooth Green Beans, Banana Milk

1. Pour 50 g / 6 tablespoons of Promina Baby Porridge into a clean bowl
2. Add 200 ml of warm cooking water
3. Stir until smooth and ready to serve

• Introduction: 1 tablespoon + 50 ml of warm boiled water is served 1 time a day
• 6 months and over: 6 tablespoons + 200 ml of warm boiled water served 2 times a day


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