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Similac Follow-On (2) 400g (HMO)(24)


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  • Follow-on formula for 6-24 months
  • Contains the distinguished Eye-Q system of nutrients , including AA, DHA, Omega 3 & 6 taurine , choline and iron.
  • Only Similac contains the lntelli-Pro system, a distinguished blend of lutein and DHA in a special lipid system (free from palm olein oil) designed to support the absorption of key brain and eye nutrients.
  • Scientifically developed to provide 3-way support to the immune system with: Prebiotics: functional fiber food, Probiotics: culture of good bacteria, Nucleotides: a group of important organic molecules
  • Has increased levels of protein and energy to help meet growing babies need
  • Contains a distinguished vegetables fat blend without palm olein oil


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