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Similac Mum 900g(12)


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Similac Mum – is the first clinically proven formula to support the nutritional needs of pregnant and breastfeeding mothers without excessive weight gain.

Provide Nutrients for brain development:

Similac Mom contain unique iQplus nutrient system with scientific combination of lutein, natural form of vitamin E and DHA together with choline, folic acid and iron – key nutrients for baby’s development.

  •        DHA and choline to help meet your increased needs, which support baby’s developing brain.
  •        Helps meet 100% folic acid requirement for pregnant mothers. Adequate folic acid intake is shown to reduce the risk of neural tube defects in fetus.
  •       Iron to help reduce the risk of iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women.

Excellence calcium absorption:

  •        Similac Mum contains vitamin D and scFOS, clinically shown to support absorption of calcium.
  •       Fortified with calcium to meet increased needs during pregnancy.

Support Immune system:

Similac Mum contains a unique combination of Immunify ingredients including prebiotics, zinc and antioxidant nutrients vitamins C and E, and selenium to help support your immune system.

Supports a healthy digestive, helps support regularity:

Similac Mum is the special maternal drink to contain scFOS, a prebiotic fiber to support bowel regularity


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