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Leading the elderly care industry, Unicharm launches Unicharm Caryn adult diaper products with many outstanding advantages. Possessing enhanced absorbent groove structure and super absorbent cotton core, Unicharm Caryn diapers absorb the liquid maximum and resist spill optimally, keeping the surface of the skin always dry, pleasant. Moreover, the double-locking design ensures that the diaper is always secure even when the user is rotating, moving, minimizing the state of liquid spilling out. XL10 super absorbent Caryn diaper is the ideal health care product for your loved ones.

Features & Benefits

Subjects using

adult diapers Unicharm Caryn been studied and designed specifically for postpartum women, adults experiencing difficulties in sanitation as patients after surgery, the loss Control of excretory system.


wicking Owning a grooving structure (1 super-speed absorbent groove in the middle and 1 groove at the end of the cotton core) enhances maximum liquid wicking. Moreover, the super absorbent cotton core has the ability to automatically adjust to tighten the body, providing optimal anti-overflow effect, keeping the skin surface always dry.

Air – Active

breathable basement membrane – A breathable fabric membrane with 100% breathable area allows moisture to easily escape, allowing the skin to breathe in natural air, avoiding airflow that causes discomfort to the user.

Super-soft double-wall anti-spill

walls are super soft without causing any discomfort or leaving marks on the skin. At the same time, the double adhesive lock ensures that the diaper is always secure even when turning, moving, minimizing the state of fluid outflow.

Showing wetness

When the diaper absorbs a lot, the ink layer on top will fade, indicating that it is time to change the diaper.

How to use

Step One

Step 1

Spread the diaper, take care to keep the locked part on top.

Step Two

Step 2

Let the user lie / sit on the middle of the diaper, pull the front of the diaper over the leg to the waist.

Step Three

Step 3

Paste the double adhesive tape of the diaper.

Step Four

Step 4

Adjust it to fit the user’s hip.






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