Some babies are born with clean skin, but the heat of the day and the surrounding environment makes the appearance of the baby and children move.  First, clean the baby’s skin with clean water, use a soap for the baby, to dry baby, and after use sunscreen to baby’s skin.

In addition to sun protection, Lotion is make  skin is soft, smooth, and sunscreen protects skin from other virus. Skin broken, black skin maybe cause of skin rash, skin rashes, etc. Sometimes we are interested in the care of the skin of adults or older, we do not think of kid’s skin​ to use lotion or oil. Children with good skin, have good health and can sleep well, but if the child has itching or irritation, he will cry and do not want to sleep or sleep poorly.



Most of people do know that Children’s skin is more delicate and vulnerable to UV rays compared to adults, so it’s important to keep them well protected when out in the sun. It’s good to use sunscreen is applied 20 to 30 minutes before going outside and use hat or something is extra protection.

We can use a hat or cap to cover their ​face, ears, and neck and a UV suit or rash vest and shorts to protect shoulders, backs, chests and the tops of their thighs. Try and keep kids in the shade between 11am and 3pm. At this time, strong sunlight and so bad for skin effects so the skin will be break down. Better if you wear a sunglasses for eye’s protection kit. All the sunscreens we tested are at least SPF30, protect against UVA and UVB rays, and have varying levels of water resistance. So, parent should to use sunscreen to protect kit’s skin is better.


What is kind of Sunscreen is better to use?

We love the beach, love sand. But it’s real hot under the sunlight at the beach. It’s important that we need to wear our skin especially infant’s skin and kid’s skin.

1.Chicco, Screma Solare (Sun Scream)

Sun Cream SPF 50+



Sunscreen Lotion claim only one application of sunscreen is needed per day, if you’re not going to be near water, clothes, towels and movement can rub off sunscreen without you realizing.  Sunscreen can protect skin for 3 hours while we play in water. For children who have eczema, they are more vulnerable to sun exposure, making the skin more susceptible to inflammation. On the other hand, if your child plays for a long time, when it comes out of the water, immediately the sun is even more dangerous because kid’s skin is grow and soft that easy to victim from sunlight.

This sunscreen contains titanium dioxide, which acts as a physical block – rather like a mirror – to reflect away damaging UVA and UVB rays and Ir. It’s been developed particularly to help sensitive skins and kids prone to eczema. It’s nasties-free, so no parabens, sodium lauryl sulphates (which are commonly found but can be irritable), mineral oils or artificial colours. It have more Vitamin E to care skin, it protect skin virus, use it for boy and girl. It application area on all part of body, Especial for Sensitive Skin.

Chicco, Screma Solare (Sun Cream) Apply 30 minutes before going out, another type of Chicoco product is Chicco, ALTTE Doposole, After Sun milk uses when returning from the outside, when it comes home.


2.ALTTE Doposole, After Sun milk



Sunscreen brand Chicco, Sun milk helps to redness of the baby’s tender skin caused by Sun exposure. It also soothes, strengthens and moisturises the baby’s skin as it is an ideal formula enriched with Melissa oil and shea butter. The creamy and non greasy texture makes it easier to apply and the baby’s skin to absorb.

The sunscreen protects the skin throughout the day if it does not touch the water or wear  cloth or towel  can friction that we don’t interest. The sunscreen can protect when we soak up for 3 hours.

Well, every mom understands the good quality of sunscreen and  will choose a good lotion for your baby. If we choose the wrong lotion, we can further bad for our skin. We recommend a suncream that is good for baby’s skin​ are Screma Solare and After Sun Milk, a good product make from Italy.


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ក្រែម​ការ​ពារ​កំ​ដៅ​ថ្ងៃ SPF 50+ 75 ml

វ៉ែតាក្មេងប្រុសតូច រូបឆ្កែ 0 ខែឡើង



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