The present-day world is marked by a tremendous period of development on modern technology called the Internet. Although internet and Wifi internet use are the same, it is different in that the internet connects to the network by cable or distribution service through the switch box, and the use of the router that provides free wireless access to the internet. This is the largest of radiation sources, whether or not internet is from the cable company, which produces radioactive elements in our company, store or home.

Information and entertainment are centered on the Internet and require more. People choose to use Wifi for connection with Internet. Many people spend a lot of their day-to-day lives with Wifi access to their cellphone, computer, or iPad using apps such as Game, Facebook, YouTube, Skype, etc. With the rapid evolution of mobile and wireless technology that affects health. Spending several hours per day on the use of the device means that we stay on the wifi almost all day. In addition to the advantages of getting information and entertainment from using Wifi, we also get the disadvantage of using this. At meal time, when family or entertainment gathers, they want to look at their phone more contact to person around them, losing friendships and time spent on children, and learning about family or friends. The problem impact of the radioactivity coming from Wifi. We have connected more people to more people on the planet by Wifi, but we have been disconnected from those who are the closest to us. Wi-Fi is available at home, schools, libraries, shopping centers, restaurants and many public places around the world.


What are the implications of Wi-Fi on the development of infants and children?

What is negative impact of wifi?

This is an important question that should be taken care of for every parent or guardian of every child.


Place an iPhone or iPad that is using a distance of 20cm from the baby


A 2014 study published in the journal Microscopy and Ultrastructure, found that children are more at risk from microwave radiation. Research shows that pregnancy use Wifi during pregnancy, a high-risk of baby effects to microwave radiation.​ Children have more absorbent brain tissue, they  get more microwave radiation than adults. The microwave radiation from wireless devices is currently classed as a Class 2B potential carcinogen. Sadly, as Wi-Fi becomes more commonplace in our society, so they use Wifi as toys that make use of this technology. Playing games or watching YouTube or using Facebook, by connection using the Wifi piece, makes the radioactivity close to pregnancy and babies with microwave that affect with baby’s brain more than adults.


France has recently banned the use of Wifi technology in nurseries and preschools that care for children three years and under. The law also dictates that Wi-Fi technology in elementary schools should be switched off when not in use. Beyond on laboratory research about animal to show about the bad impact of Wifi on pregnancy and babies.​ The researchers concluded that pregnancy should avoid putting their smartphones into their clothes, because maternal infants face greater microwave radiation emissions than mothers, but they do not show symptoms Of the impact yet. Sharing Wifi from  radio station , televisions station, phone company , or antennas the company does not have any radioactivity, but it has low radioactivity, but the proximity to the antenna stakes is dangerous too. Dr. Erica Mallory Blythe, a leading radiologist who advised parents to take action to protect their children from harmful Wifi. She advised parents to take the following actions:

Replace home Wifi for use with internet cables at home, school, or elsewhere, stopping using Wifi to access wired internet. The other should place a tablet or iPad or laptop about 20 centimeters away from the baby while using it.This allows the child to play a computer or smart phone without being exposed to microwave radiation.


Source: bellybelly.com.au



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