Tips to Help Your Toddler Develop Intellectually and Smart

Children between 1 and 6 years old, this is the golden age of exploration for your child.



Your role is participant or observer, a provider of toys, and a provider of praise for your child’s good performance. All action of playing have main to teach toddler learn as playing, its mean to connect stronger on mind-body connection to show what your kids to understand and tell what they want ​to do and want teach kids to know about someone’s action or to know about someone’s mind. Baby brain cells continue to multiply when your child runs, climbs, touches, feels, manipulates, throws, and experiments with objects.

Play games with your toddler and engage with in fun activities with him. Children remember experiences that have an emotional component. Your toddler learns better when he plays with you. Happy to make kid have big smile, their heart is open to learn new less that parents are teaching them. Teach your child to try harder – like making a harder climb, walking farther, trying out the slide or the swing in the playground. These build your child’s spirit and strengthen his confidence. In the future, he will know how to have the courage to read a more difficult book, perform in front of people, and do physical feats.​ Don’t be mad when you are not success in teaching some kids is hard to teach and to follow you, some kids have natural brain to learn to know so fast so please try to teach kids to do same actions as many time.



Your child wants to explore the world, and he can move surprisingly quickly and disappear out of sight.  So it is important that children​en joying playing at your home.

Please do not judge children’s mistake, try the gentle methods and polite even they did wrong and give easy reason to them to understand about negative result of their fault. If children are angry they can’t control their emotion, please hug and rubbing them and tell them to say what make them unhappy than try to explain them about the true one. Praise effort instead of your toddler’s innate intelligence and​ ability. Kids who are praised for their efforts early in life tend to work harder and do not give up easily.

The point should be to prevent children from experiencing PTSD depression

Lost or away from his parents, he is scared and weak, he always weeps when he meets something weird and what he does not like. Do not ignore issues that children do not like or leave them in unpopular situations will cause them to be scared or too dreaded by disobeying anyone. Problems that children are disconnected from society Although they play with other children, there is no compromise and other children, this traumatic experience can also play. Strong or prolonged emotional stress, which affects a family’s arguments between the mother and the father, or someone who often conflicts, causes a child to become nervous, to become a scared kid or to become a victim. Children use old-fashioned violence. When a child is lost in the comfort of a loved one, he or she will develop social isolation from the family. Do not allow children to feel that they are being cared for, they may be able to get PSTD or become stubborn, not listen to your teaching. Avoid any activity, or reminder of what is causing the child’s pain. Caution, Signs of withdrawal behavior from society, irritable, angry, or aggressive behavior, including extreme temper tantrums. Hypervigilance, exaggerate startle response, problems with concentration, difficulty falling or falling asleep or restless sleep or difficulty in eating. Even if the spiders are less intelligent, if they have a depression or PTSD, be quick to treat them with a psychologist, otherwise you will be very worried and frustrated when the child is born. Being a bad kid. Provide inspiration and appreciation, and add warmth to your child spending more time with your child, the child will be more likely to develop depression.



Source: Raise Smart Kid & ADAA


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