Walking Basics: From 6-12 months your baby goes from learning how to sit up to walking around the house on their own. During this exciting times you can help Baby gain their confidence to take those first steps through simple games and words of praise.


Stage 1: Sitting: when Baby begins sitting alone, without the assistance. They’re at the main period of picking up their portability. Sitting will enable your little one to fortify the muscles they will require when they in the long run figures out how to stand.


Stage 2: Crawling: The most important thing for Baby to do at the crawling stage is to practice moving their arm and legs at the same time (even if they don’t a belly crawl or a scoot).


Stage 3: Walking with Help: As they start to pull themselves up and gain balance holding their hands, help them take a few steps.


Stage 4: Cruising: Infant will then begin utilizing dividers and furniture to get around. This is alluded to as cruising.


Stage 5: Standing Without Help: Balance is a key part of walking. If Baby can stand and balance for a few second they will soon feel like they can try to take a step.


Stage 6: First Steps
The initial steps are a stupendous minute for your little one – so overemphasize it.

Walkers not only slow down Baby’s walking development but also are extremely dangerous; thousands of toddlers end up in the hospital every year due to the popular item. Babies learn to walk more easily if they don’t wear shoes, because bare feet allow direct contact with the floor. Getting around on their own allows your child to interact and explore the world in a whole new way.

Source: parents


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