A 3 year old always want to do everything follow you or everyone. 3 year old is open ready and enthusiastic to learn about everything around him. They were smart, brave , and well-rounded asking questions.  Here are some great things to do with a 3 year old.


Read, read, read! Read children’s books.


Mother read the book to kids


If you’re unsure, visit your local library or book store ask for some great titles. I recommend  ​​the title “Sophea Tonsay”   .

As you read, reading on everyday and ask questions. E.g., Mother: point to the Rabbit and ask, “what’s that?” kid’s answer “Rabbit!” “right! good girl.” etc. How to ask sometimes, Ask comprehension/understanding questions. “What do you think the Rabbit will do next?” Ask what sounds animals make. Identify colors and shapes​​​ of the Rabbit. Count items in books. Ask opinion questions. Ask questions to inspire children, such as, what are these animals doing?


Keys to good reading aloud are to not read too fast; that is most people’s biggest error. You don’t have to read really slowly, but be aware of your pace. Read the story to reflect the activity of the main idea in story. Do not try to say in warning them, just say to them that they are … well … good kids … if they do not care and do not pay attention!


Kids are at Supermarket


Weekends, you should bring your kids to the walk. At the supermarket, you say with your child, do you see what you like? “I see a lot of mangoes. What color do you see, do you want to eat it?” This is a fruit, and I want to get some orange juice? Count. “Learning happens all the time.


Going to the restaurant, mom said, “Do not touch this porridge is hot, you need to be careful a little while, so you can eat. Mother do action as afraid to touch the porridge when hot porridge. Mom: Eat already, do you want to go anymore baby? Baby: I want to play game. Mother: Why do you want to go there? But you can only 30 minutes  to play games, Do you agree? Baby: Yes, yes. Mom : good baby, you are so clever.


Teach your child to feel happy and patient and understand this value, struggle.

Often, what you should avoid using is the word “This is boring!”


Finding fun

Sometimes the motivation is easy. When we create a happy and interesting environment for a hard work in hard work. Children who love basketball can play constantly. This is an example of inner motivation because encouragement comes from the joy of self-employment.


As soon as we can, it is a good idea to concentrate incentives by changing job training to be fun. As a funmaker, you have to try to be happy until you find the answer to these fun activities … These are all ways to make learning work more enjoyable.

A Change drawing of Kids


Another is to give children the opportunity to learn to paint on good and beautiful paper. You need to be able to organize the child’s easy and appealing boards and chairs. Tell how the first trick of drawing and give your child a drawing of his own, and say, tell the painters that it suits them and you can really draw them. Drawings make the kids creative and decorate a way of life, it seems like they create their own dreams or their perceptions.

Explain, ask, question, praise, joke, laugh, read, love, that’s how kids learn. In the above section, you are a mother or guardian should try to apply as often as possible to your schedule so that the child’s brain can be more aware and live.



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