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In the early months, your baby is like a visitor from a foreign country. They cannot speak your language or understand fully what you are saying to them. However, they are a fast learner. Your baby started listening to your voice in the womb (uterus), and they will recognize it after birth.


Once born, your baby begins turning in to your voice and speech patterns to work out what you are saying. They are also starting to learn about more complicated concepts such as love, trust, time, cause and effect.


When will your baby begin to understand words?

Figuring out how to comprehend what others are starting and doing begins before your baby is conceived. First, they will not know the importance of the words you utilize, they will perceive and be quieted by your voice.

Your baby will before long get on your feelings, for example, love, concern, nervousness, and outrage. They will have the capacity to react to them when they are a couple of months old.


How will my baby’s understanding of language, behavior and concepts develop?

Newborn to one month
Your baby is starting to work out that you react to them diversely relying upon what they do. You lift them up when they cry, look affectionately at them, and feed them when they are ravenous.


Two months to three months
Your infant keeps on absorbing up everything their condition. They most loved movement is watching what goes ahead around them. They comprehend that you will relieve, feed, and play with them when they need you.
By three months, your infant will add some murmuring sounds to their grin, their first endeavors at having a discussion with you. Make sure to react to them endeavors and after that allow them to react to you.


Four months to seven months
Your baby is tuning in to your tone of voice. When you sound friendly, They’ll react joyfully, and if you speak to them sharply, they’ll probably cry.


Eight months to 12 months
Your baby is beginning to understand simple requests. Therefore, when you ask them if they would like more dinner, they may let you know.


How can you help your baby to understand words?

Talking and reading to your baby, however young, will help them learn good communication skills. In general, they will understand a word before they are able to say it themselves. When they start to say words, such as, “caca” for car, it is important to repeat the word back to them. So respond with, “That’s right. It’s a car”.


Playing with them will help them learn more about the way the world works.
Be affectionate, and consistently show your baby how much you love and care for them. That is the best way to teach them about important emotional concepts, such as empathy.


Every waking moment, your baby is taking in new information about the world. They do not yet have the information that adults and older children use to make sense of what they take in. However, they are building up their store of information every day. ​As a survival skill, your baby is emotionally attuned to the people around them. They can tell how you feel by your facial expression, tone of voice, and body language.


Source: babycentre


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